Using our Form to submit your Data

The form is split into five key sections. Each section begins with asking if this type of income is relevant to you? If you select Yes, the form expands asking more questions on that specific type of income. If a section is not relevant simply continue click Next to continue through the form.

The form, has a number of checks built in. If something gets past the form, the submission is reviewed by a real Chartered Management Accountant. If anything doesn’t look quite right, we’ll flag this when we discuss your tax affairs with you.

Yes, if you enter something on the form, which later needs changing, you can pass this information to your accountant, who will factor the necessary changes into your tax calculation. Even after filing, it is possible to amend your return. So if this applies to you, get in touch so we can make sure its 100% correct.


This is most likely connected to a conflict with a change. If you’ve previously activated a type of income (by selecting Yes), but later changed this to No.  You need to select Yes again, and remove all of the information you entered previously. 

Alternatively, you could start again, by signing up with a new email account.

If you prefer, get in touch and we can delete your account and allow you to start agin.

A lot of final checks are done at this stage, so it might be that it’s taking longer than expected.  If you’ve clicked Process Payment and nothing has happened after five minutes, please get in touch.

However, after about 90 seconds, you should be transferred to Stripe to enter your debit or credit card details. After this you’ll be transferred back to Self Assessment Scotland and after a 30 to 60 second wait you should see on screen confirmation of your submission.  You’ll also receive confirmation by email.