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Simple, easy & step-by-step

We ask straight forward questions, with captures the majority of the information we need. At any time, you can raise a question or expand on the information you've provided.
File My Tax Return

Tax done in 20 minutes

Our speedy process, should allow the majority of people to share what we need in less than 20 minutes. With a responsive website, you can do this on your computer or from your smart phone.
File My Tax Return
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Learn more about our service with our
frequently asked questions

Who can use this service?

Those new to self assessment
Sole traders
Company directors
High earners (£100k+)
Anyone else who needs to file their self assessment

I've never used your service before, how will this work?

In short, we need to let HMRC know we are going to file your tax return on your behalf. Technically this is called 'agent authorisation', we need three pieces of information from you and we'll take care of the rest.
Just so you know, this adds a delay of about four weeks - so get in touch early.

Is there a person I can speak to?

Absolutely, once you've inputted the necessary information, your records are allocated to one of the team.
This person will then become your main point of contact - they'll be able to answer any and all of your questions.

What information do you require?

This totally depends on your situation. Our website will ask you a few questions to identify why you need to submit a self assessment. We'll then tailor our questions so we only ask questions relevant to you.

How does the website work?

Your data security is of paramount important to us, which is why our website has industry leading 256-bit security protocols and your completed data submission is downloaded and saved to a local computer (not in the cloud), minimising the risk of a data breach.

What are your qualifications?

We are qualified Accounting Technicians and Chartered Management Accountants and a current member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). We hold a CIMA Practising Certificate which is your assurance that we are appropriately qualified, monitored by CIMA and are qualified to provide the services we offer.

How can you do this for £119?

In short, technology. Just like how you can order a pizza from an app or compare your gas and electric online. Our website does something similar, we capture most of the information we require on our website, which saves you and us time. Technology has changed so many sectors, yet, the accountancy sector still depends on time consuming emails, telephone calls and even the post!
We've tried to make our whole accountancy practice as efficient as possible, we've even automated payment, which saves us even more time and as we have low overheads, we have less cost to cover. It might sound little, but by automating the payment we've removed £10.11 of cost! That's £10 less we need to charge.

Why do you only do Self Assessment?

Tax is huge subject and to ensure that we are up to date and able to prepare the most beneficial tax position for our clients, we've decided to specialise in Self Assessments.

Even if you are VAT registered, or have employees and thus operate a Payroll Scheme, we can still help with your Self Assessment. While we won't be able to do your VAT returns or complete your payroll, we can work with your VAT and Payroll data to file your Self Assessment.

Still have a question? Contact us: office@selfassessment.scot
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